December 2015(Floreto - automatic knife selection)

The new European heavy duty floretting machine.
The Floreto is an innovative machine for efficient broccoli and cauliflower de-coring. It features a continuously running intake belt combined with a motional knife construction capable of higher capacity and more accuracy, while ensuring increased lifespan of the knives. Due to implementation of innovative solutions the machine is capable of seamlessly switching between floretting various vegetables by simply pushing a button.
The product is manually fed into the machine with the core pointing upwards; after which it is de-cored applying vegetable-specific procedures. The florets and waste material leave the machine separately ensuring the best possible end product.
By cauliflower the standard unit cuts in two steps:
1.    A fixed knife cuts the outer florets
2.    An additional knife cuts the florets on the top of the head
When the machine is set up for broccoli it applies only the second step.
 NEW  - Automatic knife selection
Latest innovation is the newly engineered automatic knife diameter selection for cauliflower. It applies sensor technology which determines the size of the heads. This optional kit allows to get more homogenously sized florets when size of cauliflower heads vary.
Adding the automatic knife diameter selection makes the Floreto capable of more precise floretting with varying crop sizes. With this technology the Floreto automatically selects the optimum knife diameter to cut the outer florets, increasing the yield and quality of the florets.
Continuous-running intake belt
Having eliminated the start-stop motion of regular machines, the Floreto ensures the heads will not move before the cutting procedure begins, resulting in more precision and higher capacity. Further increasing the precision, the unique motional cutting system delivers an accurate and clean cut while being gentle on the product.
-  Suitable for a large different broccoli and cauliflower varieties and dimensions
-  Continuous-running intake belt
-  Motional knife system
-  Size depth of cutting can be adjusted
-  Easy to switch between cauliflower, broccoli
-  The florets and waste material leave the machine separately
-  A very precise and clean cut to deliver homogeneous florets
-  Capacity of 50-70 strokes per minute*
-  Reduce labor by 70%
-  Optional: automatic knife diameter selection
*         Broccoli 900-1400kg florets/hour.
Cauliflower approximately 2000kg/florets/hour (depending on the size of the heads)

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