Pneumatic planter

Sweere offers a highly advanced pneumatic garlic planter, which offers an even higher performance and accuracy.

The accuracy of the high capacity pneumatic garlic planter - especially by smaller seeds - is based on the combination of two discs, a vacuum disc and a platform disc. The vacuum disc runs through the hopper, takes the seeds one by one and gives them to the platform disc. This is done on a way that every hole of the platform disc gets one seed. The platform disc in its turn drives the seeds to the soil at a very low height. This construction results in a precise, high capacity planting system especially with small seeds.

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- Vacuum system to take seeds
- Platform disc that places the seeds at very low height
- Planting without damaging the seeds
- Available in 2 to 6 row models
- Compact rear wheels
- Low maintenance
- No need for adjustment for slightly bigger or smaller seeds

For more information about this machine, please refer to the brochure or contact us by clicking the "Request information" link above. You can also give us a call at: +31 (0) 165 315 536.

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