Fresh Husker

The innovative Fresh Husker by Sweere was designed for low capacity processing of corn and other vegetables and fruit. This unit is ideal for growers and food processors who need a smaller piece of equipment to more efficiently prepare produce for the fresh market and for fresh frozen sale.

This smaller version of our popular corn huskers gently and efficiently removes husks, providing ears ready for fresh market or fresh frozen sale. It has the capacity of 40-50 ears per minute, depending on variety and corn conditions. Husking efficiency is approximately 75-100 percent in ideal conditions, with shanks cut and put on the rollers with the silk end first.

The Fresh Husker can be operated by one person, and can easily be transported
Along with husking corn, the Fresh Husker removes stems and debris from fruit such as citrus and apples, and vines. It also can remove tops and debris from beets, carrots, onions, potatoes and radishes.

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Features include:
- Stainless steel construction (except for roll shafts and drive)
- Pocket fed to prevent user exposure to rolls
- Versatle single phase input, three phase output VFD
- Water spray manifold to assist in husking (can be manually adjusted and turned on or off )
- Lockable caster for easy relocation
- Adjustable roll incline with hand crank
- Waste discharge chute under bed
- Clear Lexan top to allow operator view of process
- Safety switch allows operation only with cover closed
- Safety cable with automatic shutoff

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