Leek Harvester

The leek is lifted by wide gathering belts which are covered with a very soft material while the root is raised by a shaking shear. The leek is brought up and soil is removed from the root by two shaking devices and a couple of root peeling rolls. When it has reached the top, the leek is taken over by a conveyor belt. From this belt a worker can easily take the leek and put it into boxes. The tractor driver can adjust the height of the box.

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- Own pump, own hydraulic system
- Two row dividers, conic points to lift the leaves of the leek
- Share to lift the leek with the roots
- Two soft gathering belts
- 2 shaking devices to remove soil
- Optimal root cleaning over the whole length of the lifter arm
- Grip belts covered with very soft material
- Electro-magnetic control
- Hydraulic adjustable depth control from the front harvesting element
- Hydraulic discs for cutting leaves
- Variable speed controls of the harvesting belt
- Protection-cloth for the nearest leek rows
- Adjustable digging depth of the shear
- Cross conveyor to inspect the leeks and put them into boxes
- Platform for a worker
- Box lift
- Two big wheels to support the harvester

- Two conic brushes with knives to lift the leaves and cut the tops
- Elevator mounted on the box lift to move the leeks on a trailer

Tractor requirements:
- 80 horsepower
- 3 point hitch
- Creeper gearbox

For more information about this machine, please refer to the brochure or contact us by clicking the "Request information" link above. You can also give us a call at: +31 (0) 165 315 536.

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