FR38 harvester

Sweere offers an advanced self-propelled machine that delivers a high quality product. This machine has been specially designed to make harvesting easier and to remarkably reduce your harvest time. This machine can be used in glasshouses and open field, with the aim to reduce harvesting costs.

Width of cut is between 120 to 180cm. The track width is adjustable from 155 to 195cm.

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All movements and different functions are electronically controlled by a joystick and a multi-function instrument board. All the above features allow us to offer a wide range of models which enables us to supply a highly customized product, manufactured with high quality components.

Technical specifications:
Engine: Yanmar 3-cylinder type
Cooling system: Liquid
Power: 30hp
Silencer: High noise abatement residential-type
Drive: hydrostatic (Sauer Danfoss) electronically-controlled
2 wheel drive: standard
4 wheel drive : optioneel
steering angle: 78 degrees
Width of cut: min 120cm, max 180cm
Control: by Joystick
Harvesting functions: from instrument board, electronally controlled
Speed: 0-20 km/h
Machine stop: work speed automatic restarting
Cutting system: band saw
Cutting height: 22cm (optional 31cm)
Cutting height adjustment: From operator driving position
Elevator: in stainless steel
Loading belt: 2 PVC for food industry
Loading capacity: 350kg approx.
Platform dimensions: 210 x 290cm
Overal dimensions of the machine: 570 x 220 x 137cm

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